Competitively Racing internationally for 20 years! 


In the early years, King Racing started out with one man racing in his spare time for fun. Winning 21 consecutive races in 1977, Rollie MacDonald kept up this love of stock car racing for over 30 years where he won many races, championships, and series; He later formed King Racing and handed driving duties over to the two-time MASCAR champion Scott Fraser and MacDonald became the owner of the team.



With Fraser behind the wheel, the team competed in the 1999 "World Of Asphalt Stock Car Racing" series where Fraser would win two of the ten feature races and would finish third in overall point standings. Their success then continued on in the 2000 racing season as the team made the 2000 ASA National tour where Fraser would pick up two top 5 finishes and four top 10 finishes in six starts making the season a success. Their success would run out though in the 2001 ASA season when a series of crashes and mechanical failures would limit the team to just 13 starts after starting the season with three top 5 finishes on the teams first four starts. In 2003, Fraser would win a total of 5 wins coming third overall in points in the CARQUEST Pro Stock Tour. This would be his last pro stock title run, he passed away in March of 2004 after being involved in a snowmobile accident.



This would cause MacDonald to sit back behind the wheel full time. In 2005, MacDonald would win the 2005 Maritime Pro Stock Tour Championship, 21 years after his first carer championship preceding MASCAR series. MacDonald continued to race until 2012 when an accident at his company King Freight Lines, left MacDonald with a burned leg and several broken ribs.



MacDonald then gave the driving duties over to multiple drivers over the years from across Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Alberta and the United States which included current driver Cassius Clark.   In 2018, Cory Hall got his start behind the wheel of the King Racing car while sharing driving duties with Clark. 

Cory Hall
Cory Hall

Cory Hall
Cory Hall